NYPD Arrests 700 #OccupyWallStreet Protesters On The Brooklyn Bridge   4 comments

Protesters started marching up the pedestrian walk way over the bridge while others tried to take the traffic lane. For a few minutes officers held the line and then they turned around and led the way up the traffic lane on the Brooklyn Bridge. From what I saw no police told any of the protesters to leave until they created a barricade in front of the march about halfway through the bridge. They then pulled vans and buses up to the back of the group and started arresting everyone.

In total over 700 people were arrested.

Response by the people


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4 responses to “NYPD Arrests 700 #OccupyWallStreet Protesters On The Brooklyn Bridge

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  1. Can The NYT please find out exactly what the orders were to the NYPD at Park Row?
    I know that sidewalk and Park Row roadway well. It should have been quite possible for the cops to block off that feeder road which joins the main road to the bridge a couple of hundred feet on. Unless, of course, their plan from the gitgo was to permit large numbers to flow on to the bridge and then stop, corral and arrest them.
    There is something very wrong with those at NYPD who are supposed to be psyching out a crowd, evaluating its threat to city life, and negotiating peaceful resolutions to public protests unless they plan to handcuff and throw everyone involved onto police busses. This isn’t Syria, is it?

  2. Teacher Dave
    I was the last one out of One Police Plaza, and the second person arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge. The police warned about 15 to 25 people in the front of the march, but then did not warn us again until two minutes before they started the arrests. It was a complete setup on their part. They should have given those protesters that wanted to get off the roadway a chance to do so after the second announcement. All the controversey is helping though. Keep thinking and protesting. My students saw my picture in The Post this morning and we had a “Teachable Moment.” I informed the Dept. of Ed. that I got arrested on Saturday and I’m anticipating that they will remove me from the classroom. Another victory if that happens. Agitate and organize. Occupy 161st Street is next in the Bronx. We need bodies! Occupy your community too!!!

  3. John
    The bottom line is the protesters were blocking traffic and that’s illegal. The bridge is meant for people–yes, everyday taxpaying New Yorkers–to cross from one side to the other so we can get to work, visit friends, shop, take our kids to baseball games. A portion of the bridge is for pedestrians, a portion is for cars. It is in this way that the people have organized a small bit of our society of laws. And, believe it or not, if a citizen purposely goes in the incorrect lanes with a goal of blocking traffic, you are subject to arrest! This may shock some of you, but if you drive your car into the pedestrian portion, you also may be arrested!

    Kudos to the NYPD for enforcing the law.

    Whose bridge? Our bridge! Our…yes we New Yorkers who pay our taxes and want to use a bridge to get to the other side!

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