NYPD Appear to Demonstrate Protesters Violating Order   Leave a comment

Last week, we ran a video showing the Occupy Wall Street protests in which some “white shirted” NYPD officers appeared to unnecessarily pepper spray demonstrators. This time, the rules of demonstration were different — don’t walk on the street portion of the Brooklyn Bridge. NYPD issued orders; protesters did it anyway. And they were arrested. About 700-800 of them. The protestors claim the police lured them into the orange grating. Watch and decide for yourself.

Here are several other perspectives:

By contrast, this is a much longer video which along with another suggests the police led the protesters up on the bridge. The narrative on You Tube states:

Protesters started marching up the pedestrian walk way over the bridge while others tried to take the traffic lane. For a few minutes officers held the line and then they turned around and led the way up the traffic lane on the Brooklyn Bridge. From what I saw no police told any of the protesters to leave until they created a barricade in front of the march about halfway through the bridge. They then pulled vans and buses up to the back of the group and started arresting everyone.

In total over 700 people were arrested.

(Note: HNN was NOT present. We present both viewpoints and perspectives for discussion and edcuational reference only.)


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